Making sense of the people and place interface…

Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th March 2019 – Olympia, London

 People Movement and Management showcases the products and services impacting the interface between people and the built environment, creating intelligent spaces.

Bringing together the technologies of crowded places allowing designers and operators of high footfall urban spaces to improve the safety, security, efficiency, user experience and profitability of their built environment asset.

Now part of UK Security Week (the leading national security showcase) which welcomes over 10,000 visitors from 100+ countries, many of who are involved in the management of urban environments and with 300 exhibitors, this is the ideal event to showcase developments in products, services & consultancy designed to ensure the safety and enhanced experience of large numbers of people.



Design phase

From simulation software that provides insights into the way customers and passengers move through spaces to the design of evacuation planning.

Pedestrian Movement Modelling

Simulation Software and Modelling

Consultancy & Advice

Usage Forecast & Planning

Crowd Flow Dynamics & Modelling

Safety & Evacuation Planning

Capacity Planning

Transport Planning 


Operational phase

Maximising user experience in high footfall urban spaces, in real time, including…

People Counting     


WiFi & Connectivity

Stadium Technologies

Public Venue Technologies

Private Cloud 

Location Analytics                                                                 

Queue Management

Data Capture                                                                             

Crowd Management

Urban/Retail footfall & Dwell times                             

Big Data

Capacity Utilisation & Asset Performance                     


Smart Cities

Urban Mobility