Exhibition Opening Times: 9:00am – 16:45pm

Speaker Agenda


10:00am –

Dr. Angelika Kneidl, Founder of accu:rate

Title: Towards realistic agent behaviour 


10:20am –

Fiona Strens, Chief Executive Officer, CrowdVision

Title:  Keeping People Moving in an Increasingly Crowded World




11:00am –

Chris Davis, Associate, PTV Group

Title: From Seat 43E to Home


11:20am –

Justin Hollins, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Tes Media Group

Title: Connecting People Movement Behaviours and Customer Experience to Revenue




12:00pm –

Bruno Aulagner, Sales Manager, Acorel

Title: People flow measurement and Queue management


12:20pm –

Alex Bäcker, Co-Founder & CEO, QLess

Title: The future of queuing – How technology is revolutionising customer experience.


12:40pm –

Thomas Tippl, Product Manager, Via Guide

Title: Via Guide – The Integrated Approach to Customer Flow


13:20pm –

Liam Wright, Managing Director, Innotech Insights Ltd

Title: The Evolution of Pedestrian Movement Analysis: The Essential Foundation of an Intelligent Built Environment


13:40pm –

Nicolai Okkels, Partner & Wayfinding Expert, Triagonal

Title: A new approach to wayfinding in airports


14:00pm –

Fredi Nonyelu, Chief Executive, Briteyellow

Title: Enabling Mixed Reality Pedestrian Mobility and IoT Applications