About QLess QLess delivers the world’s best customer experience to our customers’​ customers first experience at any of their locations with a mobile wait management, analytics, mobile CRM and marketing platform. It’s the world’s first mobile queuing platform, trusted by leading brands and establishments in six continents and tens of millions of people. QLess replaces physical lines and waiting rooms with virtual, mobile lines. * Your customers can enter the line from their cell phones, touch screen kiosks, or the Web. Or, your employees can add them to the line from QLess Queue Manager. * Your customers can roam freely while they wait. * QLessRead More →

About us – Hoxton Analytics’ market leading technology provides 95% footfall accuracy and is 80% accurate at identifying gender. The technology is unobtrusive and sensors can be easily installed throughout and outside a store. Cameras point to the ground, so intelligence can be gathered while preserving people’s privacy. The proprietary technology can track outside traffic, in-store occupancy, dwell times, group size, demographic details and brand recognition to provide real-time data with the potential for rich analysis.  Read More →

About us ENLITEON is the independent people tracking software company offering a truly advanced and integration-ready people counting and tracking middleware software based on 3D vision. In a nutshell: ENLITEON platform independent software transforms the latest consumer and industrial 3D cameras into what is probably the most performant people counter/tracker on the market. The company’s vision for a primary role in the video intelligence data generation market is based on the perfect balance between solid industrial background and academic research know-how. ENLITEON’s strategy comes from the vast experience of its team in dealing with large and demanding global corporate customers. ENLITEON can deliver, at theRead More →

About RadioLocus – We are a team of young professionals dedicated to improving the understanding of consumer behaviour for our clients and thereby helping them improve performance where it really matters – the bottom line. We do this by providing feedback, suggestions and recommendations through analytical insights generated through our path-breaking system – RadioLocus. Just as web analytics have helped e-commerce websites understand their customers better, RadioLocus helps physical locations understand their customers through similar metrics. Considering that the shopping and dining experience in India is still heavily concentrated around physical locations, our analytics help our clients make smarter decisions by optimising marketing plans, operationalRead More →

An invitation to innovative start-ups to participate in The People Movement & Management Show 2018 In this rapidly developing field, we recognise some of the most interesting work can take place in the newest businesses. We want to make sure that the brightest new ventures can participate in the event. We are creating a dedicated “emerging innovation” showcase at the event designed specifically to raise the profile of innovative start-ups in a high quality, attention grabbing display area, and to use our sector contacts to help innovators develop relationships with key collaborators and customers. There are 8 pods available for companies to apply for – these are sponsored and subsidisedRead More →

About Luciad Luciad delivers geospatial software solutions that power the world’s mission critical operations. Our applications simplify the lives of developers and end users with advanced visual analytics that allow them to unlock the potential of real time location intelligence and create the foundations for next generation geospatial systems. From safeguarding critical assets to creating the digital infrastructure for smart cities, we help users implement intuitive command and control systems. Our customers depend on Luciad for high performance visualization that allows them to implement scalable solutions.Read More →

About CrowdVision – CrowdVision is a leading automated pedestrian analytics and insights company. CrowdVision’s video-based people tracking software shows what is happening to an entire pedestrian population, in real time. This enables infrastructure operators like airports, transport hubs, retail malls, convention centres and theme parks to act decisively to increase efficiency and profitability, both in the moment and in the future, whilst improving their customers’ experience. The CrowdVision video analytics solution processes live video input from commercial off the shelf cameras, and detects pedestrian movements automatically using sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques. CrowdVision outputs live data about everything from flows, queues and wait times to processing times,Read More →

About Acorel – ACOREL offer high accuracy People Counting, Queue Management and Predictive Waiting Time Solutions through its innovative technology providing the complete architecture including sensors, dedicated servers, web based and mobile application. The management and forecasting of people and passenger flow, behavior, crowding, tracking and monitoring is a key issue to know and improve the customer experience and optimize the cost-efficiency of operations. Since 1989, Acorel is recognised worldwide, in all market segments, as one of the global leaders in automatic people counting solutions and people flow analysis.  Read More →

About PTV Group –  PTV Group is a worldwide market leader in the development of people and logistics movement planning and optimisation software. The solutions of PTV Group are cutting-edge and state-of-the-art and our clients apply our software on innovative and sustainable projects and designs. The PTV Vision Software Suite including Visum, Vissim, Viswalk, Vistro, Safety, Balance, Epics and Optima can cater for every scale needed from strategic transport planning and traffic engineering to operational planning, pedestrian engineering, safety analysis and real-time predictive modelling. The PTV Logistics Software Suite includes solutions for the scheduling and optimisation of transport routes and trips, distribution planning and fleetRead More →

About Via Guide – Via Guide GmbH, based in Arnsberg, Germany, is a leading producer of public-guidance and customer-flow technology. The company offers an extensive range of products and solutions, including Qtrac electronic queuing systems. Together with joint-venture partner Qmetrix, Via Guide has developed the Qtrac iQ people-counting system, which gathers and provides real-time information for the airport, airline and passengers, as well as creating a sophisticated data record for future forecasts.  Read More →